Feminism: Relevant in today’s society?

May 13, 2012

Feminism is a collection of movements aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women. In addition, feminism seeks to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. In the past, females had an obvious disadvantage in terms of political, economical, and social rights. Thus, feminism served as to provide females with equal rights as males, and they used to play an important part in achieving that goal.

However, in the current days, it has been a widely debated topic, on whether feminism is still relevant, as anti-feminists have stated that in today’s era, there is hardly any more gender inequality, and thus it is not necessary to continue promoting feminism.

I refer to the article: Why Feminism is Still Important: A Reflection on Today’s Society


This article states that females are being treated more and more equally as time passes. However, there are still many inequalities between the 2 genders. Therefore, to solve this problem, feminism is needed, and thus is relevant in today’s context. They even stated the example, in which in Australia, when women called to report a man’s breech of a court order against them, 73.2% of the time police took no action.

I agree to some of the points this article has made. It is true that currently, women are still more involved in taking care of children than men, while men are usually the ones who brings home the bacon, and work.

However, I believe that this occurs because of the inherent difference between man and woman. The fact that woman are the ones who get pregnant and are the ones giving birth to the child, makes them more suited for the role of child care. Feminism has no way of stopping such a thing from happening.

Besides that, feminism may be exaggerations of a patriarchal society. Men and women are of equal footing, feminism has thus already served its purpose, and is not needed anymore. They have an equal opportunity or chance to be lawyers, CEOs, police officers, or enter into any other male dominated profession, according to their choice.

Some anti-feminists believe that feminists are now not just seeking for equal rights between man and woman, but allow for woman to be superior compared to man. If this is true, then feminism will not be needed anymore.

Furthermore, women have many extra rights, like custody of child, where mothers tend to have a better chance of gaining custody of a child compared to fathers. Even if people are biased against woman in certain areas, women are also being treated better than man in some aspects, and thus it all cancels out.

However, in many countries, gender discrimination in widespread. In my opinion, that is the only place where feminism would be relevant.



April 11, 2009

I apologise for not posting for so long :D. I was really busy. Cos I went to Secondary School, and didn’t have time. Anyway, I also was caught up with the hornbil conference. So, took quite long to finish the paper. Sigh… I need more sleep. I am short. NVM

Hornbills are good!!! They RULE!!! Anyway, I learned a lot about hornbills and conservation during the hornbill conference. If one asks me if it is boring, I say no. It is fun! 3 days of Hornbill talking, discussion, presentation was just good. The only thing i regret was not going to the field trip 😦

Well, yeah I skipped school.

Pulau Ubin 27/12/08

April 11, 2009

Once again I stepped onto the picturesque Pulau Ubin. We went along the same route as before.  https://birdsrule.wordpress.com/2008/12/11/pulau-ubin-trip-91208/. The sun shined through the azure blue sky as I walked slowly towards the station,  I could smell the fresh air, with a damp, musty smell of rotting leaves, this brought me closer to nature.


Ok. So, I basically saw a few other birds like sunbirds and 2 Oriental Pied Hornbill.

Southern Ridges 14-12-08

January 3, 2009

I went to Southern Ridges on 14/12/08 to birdwatch. It was a birding trip by NParks. They provided binos, which were quite useful. I went there for the day and night birding trip. In the day, it was raining, but we still saw some birds, like the white crested laughing thrush.


I also saw the longtailed macaque at henderson waves:

This explains the almost looking photoshoped background.

At night, we didn’t see any birds. But we saw some bats that is all.

Today, I tried using raw and large fine image so thepics look better and nicer. Lesson learnt.

Pulau Ubin trip 9/12/08

December 11, 2008

It was a wonderful trip! I saw many birds there at Pulau Ubin and also a parakeet in Changi Village. It started when my father said he would bring my brother and I to Pulau Ubin.

I wanted to think of some ideas for a paper in the hornbill conference. I was thinking of writing one, but have not come to a decision.

Hoping to see a hornbill in Pulau Ubin or Changi Villages to get some inspiration, we drove to Changi Village to take a boat ride to Pulau Ubin. On the way, my father suggested to me some good topics on hornbills that I can do about. When we parked the car in a car park at Changi Village, I saw a green object flying past. Knowing it was a bird, I traced its flight path till it landed on a tree.

When the car stopped, I immediately dashed out of the car with my camera on my hand. Looking closely at the bird, I knew it was a parakeet. Then, I thought it looked like a red breasted parakeet, which was common then, but for a novice birder, that was a lifer! Ok, I took some pictures and now that I learned how to over expose, the picture was so sweet! After I reviewed the pictures I confirmed it was the red breasted parakeet. Here is the picture:


Then, we went to Changi Point Ferry Terminal to catch a boat to Pulau Ubin. There were 6 people already there, two equal groups of 3. The first group was a family of 3 while the other group were three students. With my father, brother and I included, there were 9. The boat will only leave when 12 people are in the boat, or when they can collect 30 dollars (You can pay for the rest of the vacant seats to leave without waiting. One trip is worth $2.50.

In the end, each group paid $2.50 more as all of us were tired of waiting.

Okay, I have to admit, the diesel of the boast stinks! Smelling it may cause your health to suffer! I hope those boatmen are all right…

The salty sea water sprayed up onto the boat onto my face as we cruised towards the Granite Island. The excitement in my heart flowed through out my body, causing my fingers to tingle. (Sorry about the primary school composition styles, after all I just left primary school)

After 10 mins, I reached Pulau Ubin. We got out of the boat and went up to the information kiosk. There was this man there who politely showed us where the artificial nestboxes are on the map. I learnt that there were some for the hornbills here: http://besgroup.talfrynature.com/2008/11/11/oriental-pied-hornbill-success-of-nesting-boxes/ . We then went in search for the nest box. We also went up to the voluteer hub and they told us the exact spot of the hornbill nest box was, and here is a picture of it:

We did not see any hornbills there so too bad :(. We saw many insects and spiders there. A beetle, which I don’t know which species:

As for the spiders, the pictures are so yucky so never mind, shan’t post that picture.

After walking for a while, I saw a pretty dragonfly. Oh, it had yellow stripes at the tail and it sure looked good. I couldn’t focus with suto-focus as it was too thin so i manual focus and it turned to be perfect! Here is the picture:

After a while, I was greeted with a very loud call. Looking towards that direction, guess what I saw? I saw what I have came for. In fact, I got even more that what I bargained for. I did not see a hornbill, I saw 2 of them:

Here is one of them:


The two of them:


I was so happy while I watched their behaviour. Apparently, I found that when one of them flew the other followed. Then they flew to a palm tree (or was it a coconut tree?) before flying away.

After that, we walked. At one part of the walk, there were dogs all around, looking at us as one moved to the middle of the path behind us and the other in front of us. In case they attacked, my father, brother and I took branches to protect ourselves. They didn’t attack us in the end. I took a very nice photo of them though:


Good! Just when I thought the day was over, a wild boar came! It walked from one side of the path to the other. I was so excited my hands were shaking! Sorry about the blur photo:


I also saw a grey heron and took a good picture of it flying!


We went back to Changi Village after that. I saw the red breasted parakeet again, and long tailed parakeet. Then, I saw the Tanimbar Corella! Too bad I was too excited. The picture became blur again. I feel so sad. Next time, I will try to improve my photography skills first. Soon, I will be able to take good photographs!

I learnt a lot that day and have more understanding of birds. I too have more good bird photos and observed a lot of bird behaviour! Looking foward to my next birding trip!

The eagles of Upper Seletar Reservoir

November 29, 2008

Recently, I went to Upper Seletar Reservoir, hoping to find a hornbill. Well, although I did not see the hornbill, I saw many eagles, which I think should be white bellied sea eagles. This is what happened on that day…

I arrived at Upper Seletar Reservoir, hoping to find the Oriental Pied hornbill, but sadly, I did not see it. Anyway, anyone know where can find hornbills? I have been finding them for a long time. I’ve tried Upper Seletar, Changi Village, Macritchie and Botanic Gardens. What time are hornbills most easily spotted?

Okay, back to the story. then, I went up the lookout tower, hoping that I will see hornbills high up the trees. It was then I found that my tripod was so short. It did not even go higher than the railings! That was the first time I was using my tripod so I wasn’t used to it. (That explains why my pictures are so blur and shaky) In the end, I detached the camera from the tripod and started birding.

All in a sudden, I saw something flying towards Mandai Zoo: At the other end of the reservoir. Because it looked a bit dark, my first impression was: hornbill! By the time I looked again, it was too far away. I took a picture, but for some reason, the subject was black, like most of my pictures. I don’t know why it was like that. By the way, I am using aperture priority, so I thought they will auto adjust the photo. When my father reviewed the pictures, he told me that the sky was too bright. The camera sensor sense how much light there is coming in and adjust the amount of light in let in automatically. For example:

If it is very dark, they must let in more light to let the picture look reasonably bright. So, for a high aperture (that means a low number), the shutter speed will still not be that fast. But if when it is very bright, you set a high aperture, the shutter speed will be very fast so it will not take in so much light. So, with a very bright sky and a slightly dark object, the average of this will still be bright. So, the camera will automatically make the shutter speed faster at aperture priority and the aperture lower in shutter speed priority (the two modes I use). So, the picture will come out as: a slightly bright sky and a dark object.

But how do you prevent this?

Just over expose it, of course! So the sky will be very bright while the object will be of average brightness. Problem solved, but there is another problem. How do you over expose? I started trying to figure it out. Just then, I saw another of those “hornbills” fly by. By this time, I saw a flash of white. Looking at how they look, I think they are more of white bellied sea eagles.

Just then, I saw that there was a white bellied sea eagle fishing. They swooped down to get fish, just that it missed. It kept missing for many times, and I did not see it successfully catch any fish. If only the lense could zoom further and I solved the problem of how to over expose it. I guess next time!

Anyway, I read the manual when i got home. You just need to hold the Av button and turn the dial knob.

Although I did not see any hornbills, the trip was very fruitful. I saw the white bellied sea eagle trying to fish and solve the problem of birds that look dark when you play back the picture.

Trip to Lower Pierce Reservoir

June 30, 2008

During the holidays, I went to lower pierce for some birding. We went there in the evening, as we were not free in the morning. I had one lifer, which means I never saw that bird before. It was a striped tit babbler.

Striped tit babbler

When leaving, I saw a big bird fly past. I saw it landed on the trunk of a tree. There could have been a cavity there. When I got there, no bird was found.

Although it was a short 30 minutes, the journey was fruitful.