Radjah Shelduck

I was walking in Singapore Botanic Garden, listening to the birds around me. Then, I needed to go home. Just as I turned to get out of the botanic gardens, something white and big caught my eye. A bird had flew onto the ground next to the Eco lake. What could it be? I approached the direction I saw it was a Radjah Shelduck in Singapore Botanic Gardens. Wow! It had a white belly, and black wings. A line of black feathers went across its chest. It had a bill that was quite flat and had webbed feet, like any other duck. Aside from its webbed feet, the duck had a white neck and the colour of the bill and feet reminds me of the colour of the beak of the black naped oriole.

Black naped oriole

A blog- http://www.besgroup.talfrynature.com/, told me that the Radjah Shelduck is a new duck around the lakes of Singapore. The exact post: http://besgroup.talfrynature.com/?p=1719.

 It is found in Australia and New Guinea.


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