Lesser treeduck

The lesser treeduck (Dendrocygna javanica), also called is a species of duck, from the subfamily of whistling ducks (Dendrocygninae). The duck is very common and can be found in South Asia and Southeast Asia as well as other places of the world. It can be found in Singapore.

I usually see them at Singapore Botanic Gardens, at the Symphony Lake I saw a pair of them, they are very tame.


A photo I took at the Symphony Lake of the duck

Its habitat is at still freshwater lakes with lots of vegetation to feed on usually. This duck has a long grey bill and the wings and back are grey with brown areas around the wings and tail. The belly and breast is light brown in colour.

 Highly gregarious and tame and nests in tree holes, old nests of other birds, or on a stick platform near the ground, and lays 6-12 eggs.


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