Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Garden is a very good birding place in Singapore. Well, it is actually very near Orchard road. It is a very mature garden with lots of old trees. I saw the common flameback, magpie robin, radjah shelduck, lesser treeduck, black swan, mute swan and many more there.

The gardens was first founded in 1849. In 1990, NParks took over the garden. I think they did a very good job.

About birding there, you I found these species at these specific places.

  • Near Bandstand- Common flameback
  • Near Bonsai garden (a bush)- yellow vented bulbul, Black naped oriole, pink necked pigeon
  • Near Eco Lake- Pied fantail
  • Eco Lake-White breasted waterhen, Radjah Shelduck
  • Symphony Lake-Lesser treeduck, white breasted waterhen

What an ecology wonder! A good birding spot just in the heart of the city.


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