Trip to sentosa

December 20, 2007

Last Sunday, I went to Sentosa with my relatives and family. First we walked to Bishan Station, then take a train to Dhoby Ghaut and then to Harbour Front. You know, you can take a mono rail to Sentosa for $3 and you can go around sentosa in the mono rail for unlimited number of rides.

First, we went out of the Imbiah mono rail station and saw the merlion. The usual, take a photo.

The merlion

Then, we went to the butterfly park, and saw a macaw in a cage, that bird looked stressed. After that, we went to eat pizza at a nearby place.

Now, we went to the Luge and sky ride. Me, my sister, and two of my relatives were going. I went faster than them and reach the finishing line first. My sister went of the track. Then, we went to the sky rider back to the starting point. It was so scary, because I’m scared of heights.

Us waiting for our turn n the luge

Then, we went to the underwater world. I saw many fishes, sting rays and even a Dugong!

Isn’t it beautiful??? But before going in, I saw a kite outside the underwater world, flying. I think it should be the brahminy kite.

Brahminy kite I saw at Sentosa

Before it, I even saw a peacock on the roof!!! Wonder how it got there…

Then, we went to the dolphin lagoon, where I enjoyed the wonderful performance by the pink dolphins. I’m afraid it was raining slightly so no photos in case I spoil my camera.

After that, we walked to the hawker centre for some food.

For the grand finale, the songs of the sea. I must say that was the best out of all the activities today. For that 30 minutes, they showed us many special effects. Like where the used water to create a temporary screen to flash light onto it, making the pictures look as if they were really not on a screen (the screen could not be seen). They used some fire and fireworks as well as lasers. The technology was very good and that certainly impressed my relatives from Malaysia.

The full performance

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

What a wonderful time in Sentosa.


My sugar cane plant

December 20, 2007

After a period of time, I looked at it and saw moss growing on it. So, it died…

Well, I hope I can grow another plant, any ideas??? Please comment.

Metal water bottles

December 10, 2007

I hate using plastic water bottles, they have that weird plastic taste and smell. Also, I heard it is unhealthy using plastic, so I always use metal bottles.

Also, plastic contibutes to global warming, so I am trying to reduce my usage of plastic. So, I advice those that are concerned on global warming to use metal instead of plastic bottles.

There is a good brand making metal waterbottles: Klean Kanteen, but is not in Singapore. Recently, they had a retailer here in Singapore- SingHealthStore: . They sell at reasonable prices. They aren’t open yet, but you can email or call them to buy the products. They will let you buy the products before the shop opens.

YAY! I’m going to have a metal bottle soon. YAY!!!