Birding at Sungei Buloh

Birding at sungei buloh is just so fun. That day, I met up with some of the birdwatching club members and took the mrt to kranji. Then, I took the bus to kranji nature trail and into it. I saw so many birds including four different types of kingfishers or 3. I also saw a few different types of birds.


Stork billed kingfisher

Then I saw two birds I did not know


And the other is either a black capped kingfisher or collared kingfisher.


When I was about going to come back home. The tide went up and on the way back I saw this sun skink (I think) and mudskipper.



It was really interesting. The numbers are very big there. When I went there, I also thought that sungei buloh is very dirty-just look at this photo of a collared kingfisher.

I am amazed by the birds adaptability. Besides those birds like javan mynas, even those like the birds in sungei buloh had adapted. Another example on how amazing birds are!


2 Responses to Birding at Sungei Buloh

  1. Kenneth says:

    your 2nd pix of a grey and white bird is a common sandpiper, a common winter visitor from the north. The 2 kingfishers are both Collared kingfisher, a common resident of sungei buloh.

    BTW, there is a volunteer program in sungei buloh if u are interested. goto their website to check it out.

  2. Seasick Seagull says:

    Watched ADVENTURES IN BIRDWATCHING HAD ONE ABOUT THE UMBRELABIRD the male has a feather tuft on his head and a scarlet throat sack which he uses to attrack a mate he must be a real looker to females and the QUETZAL their images are all over places in COSTA RICA

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