Greater goldenback or Common goldenback?

Yesterday, after persuading my mother, she finally brought me to Sime Forest. We started off at Macritchie Reservoir park. Once I entered the forest, I saw what I thought was a greater goldenback.


It may have been a common goldenback-

To know more on how to differentiate them, go to

I thought it might be a Greater goldenback because of its eyes. The eye is white with a black dot in it.


7 Responses to Greater goldenback or Common goldenback?

  1. BPYH Lee says:

    The bird in your pic looks like a Laced Woodpecker. The auricular (patch directly behind the eye) is grey in colour.

  2. Kenneth says:

    The bird is a laced woodpecker. We don’t have greater goldenback in singapore.

  3. […] Greater goldenback or Laced woodpecker. Look at for more information. After reading the comments, I think that it is a laced […]

  4. Seasick Seagull says:

    Saw a picture on a south american bird called the ROYAL FLYCATCHER the male has a feather fan whuch he erects over his forehead when mating and during aggresive encounters and their swift and agile enough to catch dragonflies

  5. i am gonna show this to my friend, guy

  6. johnny says:

    FBJ7Pj Thanks for good post

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