Sime forest trip 12.3.08

It was very cloudy, but I made the decision to go, as I was afraid Friday will rain, apparently it did not. But there were a lot of birds yesterday, or more like I noticed many more birds as the camera had a better zoom. That is the good thing about using camera zooms instead of a binoculars zoom, you can find the bird easier.

As we walked into the nature reserve, I did not see any birds. I tried to find the hooded pitta fruitlessly by doing that pit-pit whistle. Did not even work. I heard a low gaw gaw towards the water edge, but did not see a thing.

I saw an unknown bird on the way. Can’t identify it, but got quite a good picture.


Can anyone help me identify?

Then, I moved on to the road beside the forest, did not see any thick billed pigeons, but saw a squirrel. I am suprised on its agility.

At the ranger station, it started to rain, then, we went to the ranger station for shelter. I did some birdwatching there, with my camera in the shelter but the birds outside. Took a picture of it, but face was covered a bit.


If you can identify it, please comment.

I also saw an unknown tailorbird


Should be a tailorbird

I also saw the asian fairy bluebird.


At last, the rain stopped. We headed back. On the way back, I saw about six greater racket tailed drongos.


I saw more birds than before. I always see more birds than before and I think it is because I know where are the good birding spots.


2 Responses to Sime forest trip 12.3.08

  1. Mad Bluebird says:

    Saw one of the male BLUEBIRD OF PARADISE he put on a elaborate mating rituial for his mate which has him hanging upsidedown from a pearch fluffing out his feathers and making a rather strange sound all the time

  2. Mad Bluebird says:

    Have you ever heard of the MAGIFECENT RIFLEBIRD the male put on a special courtship preforence for his mate and their name is said to come from the mating call that resembles a wizz of a rifle bullet

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