Flowerpeckers are small and usually brightly coloured birds.

Till now, I had only seen one species of flowerpecker-the scarlet backed flowerpecker. I heard it was common but do not know where I can find it.


Orange bellied flowerpecker-Sime Forest

Could anyone help me?


3 Responses to Flowerpeckers

  1. Gallicissa says:

    Have you tried the botanical gardens or those forest patches around your resevoirs ?
    Or how about a trip to Malaysia to see Flowerpeckers among many other lifers ?

  2. JH says:

    Thanks Gallicissa!

    I will go to botanic gardens to try to find flowerpeckers. Oh, I am so excited at the thought of that!


  3. Gallicissa says:

    Did you find your Flowerpeckers ?

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