Purple heron

The purple heron belongs to the Family Ardeidae. That means that is a heron. It is a large bird, 80-90 cm tall, with a 120-150 cm wingspan, but slender for its size, weighing only 0.5-1.3 kg

I saw it twice at Bishan Park, both times it was at a field. Then, I saw it fly then perch on the canal railing once. It was then when saw its long wingspan. After all, its wingspan is about my height.


A picture taken of it at Bishan Park


One Response to Purple heron

  1. Mad Bluebird says:

    Read a article in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC a few years ago about a little GREEN HERON that acuialy used fishbait pellets as bait to ctach fish amazing must have been a pretty intellegent bird

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