Trip to Lower Pierce Reservoir

During the holidays, I went to lower pierce for some birding. We went there in the evening, as we were not free in the morning. I had one lifer, which means I never saw that bird before. It was a striped tit babbler.

Striped tit babbler

When leaving, I saw a big bird fly past. I saw it landed on the trunk of a tree. There could have been a cavity there. When I got there, no bird was found.

Although it was a short 30 minutes, the journey was fruitful.


3 Responses to Trip to Lower Pierce Reservoir

  1. Gallicissa says:

    Congratulations on your lifer, JH!
    I have birded in Lower Pierce and found in to be pretty good.

  2. Huang JH says:


  3. Mad Bluebird says:

    Just a few months ago here in ETNA CALIFORNIA where i live i watched pair of WESTERN KINGBIRDS chase away a RED TAILED HAWK that must have been intruding into their territory and it was right over the down toen area

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