I apologise for not posting for so long :D. I was really busy. Cos I went to Secondary School, and didn’t have time. Anyway, I also was caught up with the hornbil conference. So, took quite long to finish the paper. Sigh… I need more sleep. I am short. NVM

Hornbills are good!!! They RULE!!! Anyway, I learned a lot about hornbills and conservation during the hornbill conference. If one asks me if it is boring, I say no. It is fun! 3 days of Hornbill talking, discussion, presentation was just good. The only thing i regret was not going to the field trip 😦

Well, yeah I skipped school.


One Response to Apologies

  1. Mad Bluebird says:

    hornbills the male seals the female up in a tree hollow the bring her food while she takes care of the eggs and young

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