About me

Hi, my name is JingHui. Just call me JH. my blog address is https://birdsrule.wordpress.com. I am very bad at grammar so please forgive me if you see spelling errors or some grammar mistakes. You can email me at birdlover001@gmail.com, or just post a comment if you want to imform me on my grammatical errors or tell me or ask me something about birds. Feel free to ask other questions that are out of the point. I hope you can send your feedback. Thanks.

A bit more about  myself: I am born on 1996, and I am interested in Birdwatching (duh). Also, I study in Catholic High School (Primary) and if you are in that school and want to talk to me, go to 5G (my class) and ask for JingHui.

 I really hope you would like birding and this blog.


2 Responses to About me

  1. baoxian says:

    hello jinghui. ur sis here. just for ur info, at the 6th line of ur 1st para, u spelt “inform” as “imform”. it’s ok but pls change it. 🙂

  2. Sigenigma says:

    Wow, an avid birder at such a young age! Keep it up =)

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