Purple heron

March 26, 2008

The purple heron belongs to the Family Ardeidae. That means that is a heron. It is a large bird, 80-90 cm tall, with a 120-150 cm wingspan, but slender for its size, weighing only 0.5-1.3 kg

I saw it twice at Bishan Park, both times it was at a field. Then, I saw it fly then perch on the canal railing once. It was then when saw its long wingspan. After all, its wingspan is about my height.


A picture taken of it at Bishan Park


Great egret

November 12, 2007

The great egret is a very big egret.


A great egret

It has a white body, wing, black legs and a yellow bill and a thin neck. I took this picture at the canal near the kallang canal near Bishan Park.

Lesser treeduck

November 8, 2007

The lesser treeduck (Dendrocygna javanica), also called is a species of duck, from the subfamily of whistling ducks (Dendrocygninae). The duck is very common and can be found in South Asia and Southeast Asia as well as other places of the world. It can be found in Singapore.

I usually see them at Singapore Botanic Gardens, at the Symphony Lake I saw a pair of them, they are very tame.


A photo I took at the Symphony Lake of the duck

Its habitat is at still freshwater lakes with lots of vegetation to feed on usually. This duck has a long grey bill and the wings and back are grey with brown areas around the wings and tail. The belly and breast is light brown in colour.

 Highly gregarious and tame and nests in tree holes, old nests of other birds, or on a stick platform near the ground, and lays 6-12 eggs.

White breasted waterhen

November 8, 2007

The white breasted waterhen (Amaurornis phoenicurus)
 is water bird in the rail and crake family. Adults have a white breast, black or dark grey underparts and the belly is cinnamon in colour. They too have long toes, a short tail and yellow legs and beak. Immatures are black all over, or grey, like all rails.


An adult white breasted waterhen

Many rails are very secretive, but White-breasted Waterhens are often seen out in the open.

They can be found in Singapore Botanic Gardens. I only saw them there before. Everytime I go there, I would surely see it.


Another adult white breasted waterhen

Common Flameback

November 7, 2007

The common flameback (Dinopium Javanese), also called the common goldenback, is a common bird in Singapore. It is a woodpecker.

It is a strikingly colourful bird with brown wings (as you can see from the picture on below). The woodpecker has a crest of either red or black, depending on the sex. The female has a black crest, and the male has a red crest. The common flameback has three toes. The belly and breast is white in colour with spots.

It is found in open coastal woodlands, mangroves, disturbed habitats such as mature gardens, like Botanic Gardens. I saw one there. It flies from tree to tree, finding food, starting from the bottom of the tree to the top. I saw one moving from the bottom to the top of a tree, pecking on the bark, I think it might be finding insects.

It is a very agile in climbing trees. when I saw it at the Singapore Botanic Garden, it was moving up trees very smoothly. 

It is found in and looks like the greater goldenback/ greater flameback. The common flameback has 2 malar stripes, whereas the greater flameback only has 1 malar stripe. The greater flameback is less common than the common flameback in Singapore.

Radjah Shelduck

November 6, 2007

I was walking in Singapore Botanic Garden, listening to the birds around me. Then, I needed to go home. Just as I turned to get out of the botanic gardens, something white and big caught my eye. A bird had flew onto the ground next to the Eco lake. What could it be? I approached the direction I saw it was a Radjah Shelduck in Singapore Botanic Gardens. Wow! It had a white belly, and black wings. A line of black feathers went across its chest. It had a bill that was quite flat and had webbed feet, like any other duck. Aside from its webbed feet, the duck had a white neck and the colour of the bill and feet reminds me of the colour of the beak of the black naped oriole.

Black naped oriole

A blog- http://www.besgroup.talfrynature.com/, told me that the Radjah Shelduck is a new duck around the lakes of Singapore. The exact post: http://besgroup.talfrynature.com/?p=1719.

 It is found in Australia and New Guinea.