Canon EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT

March 14, 2008

At last, my father let me use is Canon Digital SLR camera.

He uses it for his work as he take pictures of his products. My father have never let me use this camera before, but this time he allowed.

High zoom, which is much better than my normal camera, and it has more functions, ISO can go higher, to 1600, and less automated.

This is much better than Canon EOS 300D model.

It focuses very well and pictures come out clear. Usually, I use the Program mode or full manual exposure.

One more point, is that it can take many frames per second. So, that means that I can take birds flying in the sky for it has a high shutter speed and everything.

Now, to put it to the test, I went to Sime Forest to do some birding, and results are satisfactory.