Bird wanted shelter?

March 20, 2008

Once, at Sime Forest, I saw an unknown bird seeking shelter at the ranger station.


Bird at ranger station

Sorry for the bad image. The ranger station was very dark.

Why was it there? Do birds seek shelter like that?

 Please comment if you know anything about this.


Sime forest trip 12.3.08

March 14, 2008

It was very cloudy, but I made the decision to go, as I was afraid Friday will rain, apparently it did not. But there were a lot of birds yesterday, or more like I noticed many more birds as the camera had a better zoom. That is the good thing about using camera zooms instead of a binoculars zoom, you can find the bird easier.

As we walked into the nature reserve, I did not see any birds. I tried to find the hooded pitta fruitlessly by doing that pit-pit whistle. Did not even work. I heard a low gaw gaw towards the water edge, but did not see a thing.

I saw an unknown bird on the way. Can’t identify it, but got quite a good picture.


Can anyone help me identify?

Then, I moved on to the road beside the forest, did not see any thick billed pigeons, but saw a squirrel. I am suprised on its agility.

At the ranger station, it started to rain, then, we went to the ranger station for shelter. I did some birdwatching there, with my camera in the shelter but the birds outside. Took a picture of it, but face was covered a bit.


If you can identify it, please comment.

I also saw an unknown tailorbird


Should be a tailorbird

I also saw the asian fairy bluebird.


At last, the rain stopped. We headed back. On the way back, I saw about six greater racket tailed drongos.


I saw more birds than before. I always see more birds than before and I think it is because I know where are the good birding spots.

Sime forest trip 8.2.08 Part 2

February 13, 2008

This is the second part of my Sime forest trip on 8.2.08. For the first part, go to before reading this entry.

After seeing the woodpecker, I went on, seeing no m0re birds all the way to the road beside the country club, though occasionally seeing birds darting by.

They were the size of sunbirds, but were to small for me to see in detail as I do not have a binoculars and my 10x optical zoom digital camera was not near enough. That was the problem with not having a camera with a very high optical zoom. If you look at my bird gallery, you would see that most of the pictures are digitally zoomed in, like the white bellied sea eagle picture. It is quite easy to photograph a bird in the garden but in the forest, the bird is high up in the tree.

Walking along the road towards the ranger station, I saw a tree with many pigeons. If you are a bird photographer, that should be a very good place to take photos. The tree is not blocked by anything from where you are as it is beside the road, and the tree was flowering, so it attracted many pigeons. I saw a bird that I could not identify.


It could be a thick billed pigeon or a pink necked pigeon.

I also saw a bird that I am positive is a thick billed pigeon


We reached the ranger station a while after that.

At the ranger station, I saw a few small birds that I could not identify as I could not see the details of it. It was very irritating when I tried to zoom into the bird but halfway, I reached my full zoom.

At the treetop walk itself, I only saw flock Philippine glossy starling, which I was a feat as I usually do not see anything as I am hardly looking at the trees around (I am scared of heights). I guess it is a good place to bird as you are very high up and birds will be very near to you.

After that we went to Jelutong tower, where I did not see any birds.

When I was walking out of the forest to Venus Drive car-park, I encountered a black dog, it was a short distance away from me. It came out of the undergrowth and started barking furiously. I was scared by the sudden arrival of the dog that I screamed.

I wonder how did that dog come here. I wonder if it is native to Singapore. This is the second time I saw it. The first time was at Bishan Park canal, after the MRT depot. If you know anything about it, feel free to comment on this entry.


Picture I took of the black dog in Bishan canal

I only saw a few birds in Sime Forest and wish to know how R Subaraj and the other birders see so many birds in the forest. I suppose I would need more experience and be sharper. In the past, I would see nothing, then one species, then two species of birds. I guess I just need to be more “bird-sensitive”!

Also, I must learn how to take clear photos. I usually cannot take shots properly. It is to dark and lacks if I use program mode (P), and it is bright and blurry sometimes when I use Auto mode.

Sime forest trip 8.2.08 Part 1

February 12, 2008

On 8 February 2008, I went to Sime Forest with my mother. We started at Macritchie Reservoir Park, walking along the Macritchie Nature Trail, to the Treetop walk and to the Jelutong tower, then going back to the ranger station, leaving at Venus Drive, walking all the way out to the bus stop.

Sime forest

My mother and I reached Macritchie reservoir park at 7:50 am. Once we entered the trail, we were greeted by a woodpecker. It could have been a Common goldenback, Greater goldenback or Laced woodpecker. Look at for more information. After reading the comments, I think that it is a laced woodpecker.

(Will be continued in Part 2)

Greater goldenback or Common goldenback?

February 9, 2008

Yesterday, after persuading my mother, she finally brought me to Sime Forest. We started off at Macritchie Reservoir park. Once I entered the forest, I saw what I thought was a greater goldenback.


It may have been a common goldenback-

To know more on how to differentiate them, go to

I thought it might be a Greater goldenback because of its eyes. The eye is white with a black dot in it.