Bishan Park

Bishan was teeming with birdlife. Being near the central catchment area, Bishan attracted birds from many families. Also, there are water bodies like the canal at Bishan Park and the ponds around Bishan Park.


There are a two good places in Bishan Park to bird.


First is along the canal from Bishan Park 1 to Braddell Road. There are egrets, herons in the canal, sandpipers there, long tailed parakeets, tailorbirds, yellow vented bulbuls, spotted dove, rock pigeon, flycatchers, blue tailed bee-eaters, crows, and bitterns. Once, I saw a black spitting cobra in the canal being caught by some people.



Second is at Bishan Park 1, near the lake, I only went there once as it is furthest away from my house and I only recently got permission to venture there. I saw a common Iora, Common Flameback, brown capped woodpeckers, tailorbirds, yellow vented bulbuls,


Common flameback


Common flameback

Blue tailed bee eater


Little egret


Long tailed parakeet


Unknown lizard, anyone can help me identify this lizard?


2 Responses to Bishan Park

  1. Mad Bluebird says:

    Theres the ROYAL FLYCATCHER the male has a feather fan creast he uses when mating and during encounters showed one with his creast errected

  2. Anonymous says:


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